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OOC - Permissions


4th WALL BREAKING: If you must, but it won't effect him really, I mean, it's him.
THREADJACKING: He might shoot you with his LAZORS
BACK THREADING: Sure, why not.

MIND READING: If you want to be entirely confused, more than you already are, then go for it.
LOCATION SENSING: Might be pretty easy if he's in his, I'm-the-size-of-the-universe mode
TELEPATHY: Go for it.
SPECIAL/MAGICAL ITEMS: Lemme know what you have in mind.

FIGHTING CAPABILITIES: He knows how to box, and he can blast you with eye beams or transport you to ANYWHERE!
INJURY/DEATH: Injury is fine, but the universe might implode if you kill him. Plus Prince isn't big enough to take over yet.
WIN/LOSE/TIE: Really depends on the situation. Let me know and we can plot it!
MEDICAL/PHYSICAL INFO: Easily distracted so you can use that to your advantage.

ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIPS: Friends is fine. But he's married so, no romance.
SEXUAL RELATIONS: Like I said, he's married... and honestly, I can't imagine playing out a sex scene with kinda scares me D:
PHYSICAL CONTACT: Don't think he'd mind.

ANY TRIGGERS/SECRETS/FACTS YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT: Don't disappoint him or he'll be a mad King of All Cosmos.