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2032-01-08 02:37 am
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IC Contact

Leave Us a message.

We promise We will get back to you
as soon as We are finished ignoring you ☆
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2029-10-05 11:43 pm
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How's Our Driving?

Hey all you people out there...
Let me know what you think of how I play The King of All Cosmos!
Good or bad...I want to know!

☆~comments are screened and anon is on~☆
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2012-01-08 11:20 am
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Make way for a King!

Hello there Siren's Port! This is Lauren (William T. Spears-mun) with a character who lives at the opposite end of the spectrum - or should I say Royal Rainbow!

The King of All Cosmos!

He's coming here to confuse, mock and troll the hell out of all of you! Especially if you're tiny and adorable!

Hope to be able to get him out there and bothering everyone, since he's certainly more social than William!