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Name:The King of All Cosmos
Birthdate:Dec 4

King of Kings

As is obvious by his name, The King of All Cosmos is of a royal family. But rather than ruling a country, he has control over the entire universe. Quite a daunting task for one man, you might think, but luckily The King of All Cosmos doesn’t have to tackle the assignment alone. For whatever tasks arrive before him, he’d much rather toss them to his young son, than handle them himself.

In the first game of the series, Katamari Damacy, The King of All Cosmos orders his son, The Prince of All Cosmos, to remake the stars and planets of the universe. Mind you, this is after The King destroyed all the celestial bodies by flying around the night sky completely drunk. Stubbornly enough, The King thought it was a bit funny, but wouldn’t make the effort to remake even a single star.

You see, being a king means he believes he’s above any menial work like that (if you could call remaking planets menial.) He’d rather go off and play tennis, or stuff his face full of freshly baked cookies that The Queen just took from the oven.

And don’t forget he needs to stay on top of current trends. A king can’t be behind in the fashion world! …Though, his idea of fashion includes spandex, bright, flashy colors, and tacky gold jewelry. We could call him flamboyant in this way, eccentric even. His pattern of speech surly backs that up. He makes use of the royal ‘we’, and speaks in fragmented, arbitrary sentences.

Perhaps, this random sort of life style comes from how The King is distracted so easily. The tiniest thing can divert his attention from supervising his young son’s journey over the Earth, as he tries to create the perfect katamari for his father. Yet even though he ignores his son often, The King can’t stand to be ignored himself, and if The Prince begins his rolling before he’s given him the O.K., he’ll become highly insulted, saying something like: “What are We? Candy corn?”

But, even though The King is off being entertained by something shiny during the whole katamari rolling process, he still has very high standards for when The Prince is finished. If the katamari is too small or not finished on time, he’ll scold The Prince, usually taking jabs at his tiny size. In contrast, if the katamari miraculously exceeds his expectations, he is not completely above handing out praises. Even for a mediocre katamari, he’ll attempt encouragement by saying: “You can do better.”

So, although The King can be pretty degrading and uninterested most of the time, he does have faith in The Prince. And yes, he does love him. He just is a bit too manly and full of himself to say it outright.

I would think, that a lot of this contradicting and hypocritical behavior came from his own father when The King was merely a Prince of All Cosmos, himself. Placed into a boxing tournament when he was still tiny, The King could only get a second place trophy. His father found this inadequate, and tossed his trophy into the river. But later, The King found that his father had been proud of him, nonetheless, but was too high and mighty to show it at the time.

The phrase “like father, like son” fits them perfectly. Only the cosmos, itself, knows how the tiny Prince will treat his own son one day.



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